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dB Productions NOLA

We use state of the art equipment to achieve top of the line sound. From our microphones to the instruments we use to produce, we look to stay ahead of the curve. Our system is compatible with popular platforms such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, & Maschine 2. We're always acquiring quality sounds and effects from the best engineers and sound designers in the business. To keep up with the ever changing technology & software industries, new content is constantly being added to make sure the entire experience is that of what we strive to produce -- excellence. 

dB Productions NOLA Studio

For a couple of years in our youth, we trained at a local Judo studio in our neighborhood. The studio was never quiet. Kids (including us) were always running around screaming and swinging wooden sticks. But, through all the noise and chaos, we always felt at home. When the teacher stood up and practice began, there was peace and quiet. This was our practice. Now, music is our practice. The DOJO represents a collective of artists who come to practice their craft in peace, to feel a sense of being at home, and to escape the constant chaos that resides outside our doors. 

dB Productions NOLA, Ugly Hussle
The Circle

The group of people we work with, the connections we have and are creating everyday, the resources we have at our fingertips is what pushes the boundaries of our capabilities. The music doesn't stop when the final master is complete. We are creating outlets to push our music and our customers' music so that they get the attention they deserve. 

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